The Freebutt in Brighton is once again facing closure by Brighton & Hove council [Petition] << Please Support This Venue << please RT and Repost

The Freebutt in Brighton is once again facing closure by Brighton & Hove council following further complaints about noise from their neighbours. The venue already spent a massive amount of time and money to sound proof the building in recent years to appease these people and retain it's live music license. But still they're not happy…

The current issue has arisen following only one noise complaint since the venue re-opened and the councils Environmental Health Department being properly unhelpful by refusing to assist the venue in resolving the problem.
Basically there's some totally miserable bods in Brighton who hate music and are trying their best to bring down a historically thriving live music scene….

The Freebutt has been an important venue for up coming bands and music fans alike for many years now and must continue to exist as such.
Maybe you've never been to the Freebutt… maybe you'll never go there – but if it's the Freebutt in Brighton facing closure today, it's your local venue tomorrow.
Please support the Freebutt, live music everywhere and stick it to the man by signing the online petition > 

More information can be found here >

personal note:

Over the years I put on Dozens of gigs at this venue, played there with my bands Disastronaut, Wild Gunman, The Downs, Beaver county, read poetry, DJed and
spent alot of time with the old [the legendary Will – who's now at the Prince Albert near the Station] and new operators — all have done well. From Anna moulson's
first Melting Vinyl shows – I remember seeing Mogwai here with about 12 people – to all of the punk shows Buzz and his Punk crews, Ska orchestras – 14 strong that somehow
fit on the postage stamp sized stage – to the many wonderful singer songwriters, bands, poets, and totally unclassifiable that went on there. I did run The Lift
and together we were like the trouble twins between us putting on i would guess over 10,000 acts over more than a decade – and however many times I've said
it – I'll say it again – The Freebutt is one of the best little venues in the world and deserves your support and I would urge Brighton Council – especially the
environmental officers there – to work with the venue to resolve this issue. It can be done and I hope you realise that this is a very real asset to the Brighton
and Sussex music scenes and is desperately needed.


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