Audio Sushi Track of the Day DMX Krew – Parking Orbit

DMX Krew are doing a free London party in October at Life.
And lucky for us – Audio Sushi at the Dogstar in November.

Audio Sushi Track of the Day  DMX Krew – Parking Orbit




Evolving from where last album, 'Collapse of the Wave Function' (& more recent Wave Funk Vol.1 Vinyl EP) left off, ‘Wave Funk’ houses a wide variety of electronic styles; from synth pop to electro, funk and more experimental listening, the genius of DMX Krew shines through.

Ed DMX lives in London where he makes music and runs his label Breakin' Records. He also travels around DJing and performing live most weekends in different parts of the world. The first DMX Krew release was 1995's "Got You On My Mind" on Dutch label DAP, and this was followed in 1996 by "Sound Of The Street" on Aphex Twin's label Rephlex. This record hinted at what was to come with its mix of instrumental electro, synthpop and techno made on vintage equipment. Lots more releases followed, mainly through Rephlex but also on diverse labels including International Deejay Gigolos, Ersatz Audio, Sonic Groove and several others. DMX Krew remixes have also appeared of various artists including Gentle People, Biochip C, Denki Groove, Le Car and many others.

In 1997 Ed DMX started his label Breakin' Records which gained a cult following as one of the UK's first electro and bass labels with releases from DMX Krew and under the alias Computor Rockers, as well as first signings Bass Junkie, Mandroid and Ceephax Acid Crew.

The last three albums and pair of 7" singles released on Rephlex under the umbrella of "The Collapse Of The Wave Function" reveal a deeper, more considered side to his production, featuring ambient and experimental tracks as well as quirkier dancefloor fillers.

Ed has performed all around the world both as a DJ and as a live act, including several US tours with and without the Rephlex crew, most of western and northern Europe and a lot of eastern Europe too, numerous tours in Japan including WIRE99 in front of 8000 people with Derrick May and Denki Groove in the Yokohama Arena. In 2004 DMX Krew appeared for the first time in Australia and he continues to play out most weekends as one of the most popular and consistent Rephlex artists.

‘Wave Funk’ brings together 1 CD of brand new material + 1 CD of previously vinyl-only releases. 35 tracks of electro-funk genius!


CD1 "Wave Funk"

A1 Parking Orbit
A2 I Can't Control The Feeling
A3 Cherry Ripe
b4 Mr Blue
b5 Get Down (To The Sound)
b6 Gorf Man
b7 Otis
c8 Gravity Boots
c9 Wave Funk
c10 I'm Back
c11 Particle Burst
d12 Zero Gravity
D13 Day Out
D14 Jupiter Mission
D15 Neon Slime
D16 ConFuzion
D17 Metro 1990

CD2 “Prolapse Of The Wave Funnction”
01 Metronome
02 Bad Sector II
03 Probability Waves
04 Reverse Tachyon Beam
05 Meridian 1212
06 Monolith
07 Spinal Implants
08 Synchrotron Blue
09 Mars Memory
10 Space
11 Flanging
12 Garden Gate
13 Thrilling
14 The Monsignor
15 Brain Location Service
16 Clock Works
17 Byzantium
18 Funeral Procession


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