This Wednesday 6th April the HEART ‘N’ LUNG UNIT are back in the Dogstar Ballroom (1st floor) with a another show of comedy, live bands, Djs and legendary locals…

ACHTUNG!!! Headline comic CHRIS DANGERFIELD ‘Original, surreal, filthy, confrontational and really, really funny.’ says Alex Zane…

DAVID STUDDERT Aussie-singer-songwriter “Kinda like a dirty Neil Diamond” says Tito T…

ALEX WHEATLE Award-winning author goes back to his reggae rhyming roots + stories from the ’81 riots…

MARK PICTON – Goosebumpy. Big, big voice…don’t call it a comeback…

Beautiful-hilarious-weirdo JENNIFER WARREN

SUPERBARD – tripped out surreal stories over groovy beats

SAMANTHA ASHLEIGH HAYHURST -If Bjork was from Swindon, that’s Smash…

FINN SHANNON – The bard from the bar!

+ Resident rhyme animal GLENN GUEST
+ Brixton’s third best DJ SENOR TITO TEEBONE

Super-crazy-ill storytelling, rhyme, comedic bombs & killer live music. What more do you want for 3 quid?


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